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Pulse Amplitude Modulation & Demodulation

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Pulse Amplitude Modulation & Demodulation

Pulse Amplitude Modulation & Demodulation

Technical Specification:

1. Built in IC based DC Regulated Power Supply ± 12VDC, +5VDC/250mA.

2. Built in Carrier Pulse Output

Frequency Range : 8 KHz, 16KHz, 32KHz, 64KHZ

Amplitude : 5Vpp approx.

3. Built in Sine Wave Audio Frequency Function Generator

Frequency Range : 1KHz & 2KHz

Amplitude : 0-10Vpp & 0-4vpp approx.

4. Circuit diagram for Modulator & Demodulator are printed on the front panel & components are soldered in behind the front panel.

5. Glass proxy sheet use as front panel of 250mm X 200mm &Mounted on light weight shock proof plastic cabinet


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OBJECTIVE:  Pulse Amplitude Modulation & Demodulation Apparatus has been designed to study the following: 1. Pulse Amplitude Modulation 2. Pulse Amplitude Demodulation .