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Refrigeration Test Rig

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Refrigeration Test Rig

Refrigeration Test Rig


The set up demonstrates the students about the basic principal of a refrigeration cycle. The test rig is designed for the study of thermodynamics of vapor Compression refrigeration cycle by way of demonstration and experimentation. It has a facility to measure various parameters for experimentation.

Technical Details:

  • Condenser: Air cooled compatible to 1/3 Ton compressor
  • Condenser Cooling fan: Compatible capacity with permanent lubricated motor.
  • Evaporator: Made of Stainless Steel, Insulated with ceramic wool/P.U.F.
  • Expansion Device: Capillary Tube, Compatible Capacity.
  • Pressure Gauges: 2 Nos. Safety Control: overload and over current protectors for compressor and Time delay circuit. Temperature Sensor: RTD PT-100 Type.


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  • To calculate refrigerant capacity.To Study the Vapour Compression refrigerator cycle.To Calculate Co-efficient of performance and draw P-H Diagram.
Utilities Required:
  • Electric supply 5A-220 V ACWater supply and drainageFloor area: 1.5 m x 1m