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Separating & Throttling Calorimeter

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Separating & Throttling Calorimeter

Separating & Throttling Calorimeter

Separating and Throttling Steam Bench consists of a sturdy framework and panels of all steel construction, fitted with a student work surface, interconnecting back panel and adjustable feet. The steam bench includes an insulated separating calorimeter, equipped with a water level sight glass, connected via fixed orifice to a lagged throttling calorimeter which exhausts to a water cooled steam condenser. A manometer is provided for measuring the pressure inside the throttling calorimeter and thermo-couples are provided for measuring steam supply and temperatures which may be individually selected for display on an analogue temperature meter.


  • Separating Chamber : Compatible capacity made of Stainless Steel insulated with
     Ceramic Wool with water level indicator.
  • Throttling Chamber : Compatible capacity provided with gauge to measure inlet
     Pressure before throttling
  • Heat Exchanger : For condensing steam after throttling chamber
    Steam Generator Compatible capacity with digital temperature controller
  • Flow Measurement : By Flow Sensor.Differential Pressure : By Differential Pressure Transmitter.
  • Steam Pressure : Pressure Transmitter.
  • Temperature Sensor : Temperature Sensors with Transmitter


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AIM: To find out dryness fraction of steam by combined separating and throttling calorimeter. REQUIREMENT:
  • Electric Supply: Single Phase, 220 V, 10 Amp. 
  • Continuous Water Supply : 10 LPM Approx. at ½ kg/cm2 pressure 
  • Computer System: Pentium IV with DVD Drive, Windows 7 and MS Office pre-loaded. One USB slot required in PC for Data Acquisition Card.