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Single Cylinder Two Stroke Petrol Engine Test Rig

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Single Cylinder Two Stroke Petrol Engine Test Rig

Single Cylinder Two Stroke Petrol Engine Test Rig

 Two Stroke One Cylinder Petrol Engine Test Rig developing about 3 HP at 3000 RPM. Engines are fitted with a rope brake arrangement and a brake drum is fitted on the engine shaft which makes it extremely durable having long lasting feature as well as efficient working. Patrons can avail them from us as per their required design and customization. 

Engine: Single Cylinder 2 Stroke Petrol Engine Of 100 CC Capacity.

  • Dynamo-meter: The Engine Is Coupled To Rope Brake Dynamo-meter Through Flexible Coupling On A Common Base Plate. Brake Drum Of 200 Mm Dia. & Vertical Spring Balance, Hand Wheel, Weight, Hanger, Dead Weights For Conducting Experiments.
  • Fuel Measuring Device: Fuel Tank Mounted On Sturdy Iron Stand, Burette Tube, Three Way Cock, Connecting Tube & A Stop Clock.
  • Calorimeter : Double Pipe Heat Exchanger To Measure The Heat Goes Through Exhaust Gases.
  • Air Intake Measurement: Air Intake Reservoir Of Size 0.3 X 0.3 X 0.5 M. With Orifice Plate, U-Tube Manometer Of 0.3 M Height For The Measurement Of Air Flow Rate.
  • 12 channel Digital Temperature Indicator: With set of thermo-couples (six) along with 6 way selector switch.


  • Handles extreme pressure
  • Efficient designing
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Fine finish and workout
  • Everlasting superior performance
  •  Sturdiness
  • High efficiency


  • Consisting of fuel tank and a measuring burette
  • A S.S. tank mounted on iron stand fitted with suitable orifice plate
  • Temperature sensor is present to measure exhaust gas and air intake temperature
  • Panel for mounting sensors
  • Consists fuel tank


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