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Slotted Weight (Brass)

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Slotted Weight (Brass)

Slotted Weight (Brass) – Physics Equipment

Set of 5 weights including hanger C.P polished.

These slotted weights are precisely turned from brass rods, carefully adjusted.

These slotted weights are supplied either in chrome plated or in brass polish finish.


  • Construction : With adjusting cavity
  • Material : Brass, Stainless Steel & Mild Steel
  • Shape : Flat Cylindrical with Slot


  • Used for weighing raw materials while experiments.


  • Fine finish
  • Rust resistant coating
  • Durability

Capacity –
a)      5gmx5                    25gms
b)      10gmx5                  50gms
c)      20gmx5                  100gms
d)      50gmx5                  250gms
e)      100gmx5                 500gms


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