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Torsion Testing Machine

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Torsion Testing Machine

Torsion Testing Machine

Torsion Testing Machine is designed for conducting Torsion and twist tests on various metal wires, tubes, sheet materials. Torque measurement is by Pendulum Dynamo meter System. Torque ranges can be adjusted. Torque can be applied to specimen by geared motor through gearbox. Auto graphic recorder can be provided to know relation between torque and angle of twist on specific request. The Accuracy of the torque indication 1% of the true torque.

The unit is used for torsional testing of different materials to fracture. Test moment and angle of twist are measured. Bars of different length and diameter are used as specimens. The moment is applied using a reduction geared motor that provides four different drive speeds via the frequency converter. A strain gauge measuring shaft provides the moment as an electrical signal, the angle of twist is recorded by an optoelectronic angular encoder. The moment is transmitted to the test bars using commercially available hex sockets. For adaptation to different length probes, the dolly can be slid. The base plate is reinforced against twisting with square sections. 


  • Torque measurement is done by pendulum dynamo meter system.
  • The ranges of torque is adjustable.
  • Torque are applied to specimen with the aid of geared motor via gear box.
  • With an aim to know the relation between torque and angle of twist, auto graphic recorder is provided.


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