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Universal Governor Apparatus

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Universal Governor Apparatus

Universal Governor Apparatus


The set-up is designed to study the working of different governors normally used to control the speed. It consists of a main spindle, mounted vertically on the base plate. This spindle is driven by a variable speed motor which is also mounted vertically on the same base plate. One governor assembly out of four can be mounted on spindle. The spindle speed is controlled by speed control unit. A graduated scale is fitted to the sleeve to measure the displacement.

Technical details

  • Spindle : material stainless steel
  • Governor mechanism : four different types of governor mechanism with spring and
  • Weights.

1. Watt governor
2. Porter governor
3. Hartnell governor
4. Proell governor

  • Motor: variable speed, standard make, fhp motor.


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  • Determination of characteristic curve of a sleeve position against speed of rotation for all governors.
  • To study the effect of varying the mass of the center sleeve in porter and proell governor.
  • To study the effect of varying the initial spring compression in hartnell governor.
  • To study the determination of characteristics curves of radius of rotation against controlling force (actual & theoretical) for all governors.
  • Electricity supply: 230 v ac, single phase, 0.5 kw.
  • Floor space : 1.5 x 1.5 m
  • Digital tachometer