Universal Microwave Bench 

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Universal Microwave Bench 

Universal Microwave Bench 

1. To study the characteristics of reflex klystron & Gunn Diode.
2. To study frequency, guide wavelength & free space wave length.
3. Top measure SWR & reflection coefficient. & impedance of a load.
4. To measure polar pattern & gain of antennas.
5. To measure the dielectric constant of Liquid & Solid cells
6. To measure phase shift & “Q” of a cavity
7. To study Magic Tee. E & H Plane Tee, Directional Coupler. Isolators Circulators & Return Loss Measurement.

List Of Component:

Klystron power supply

Gunn Power Supply

Pin Modulator

Frequency Meter

Slotted Section

Detector Mount

Matched Termination


BNC Cable

Fixed Short

Pyramidal Horn

Parabolic Disc

Bends E & H Plane

Liquid Dielectric Cell

Fixed Attenuator


Klystron Mount & Tube

Gunn Oscillator


Variable Attenuator

Tunable Probe

Movable Short

VSWR Meter Solid State

S S Tunner

Cooling Fan

Radiation Pattern Turn table

Coaxial to Wave Guide Adopter


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