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Universal Milling Machine

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Universal Milling Machine

Working surface: 1150 x 255 mm
No of slots: 3
Distance between t slot: 57 mm
Angular swivel: 22 deg
Maximum distance from spindle center to table: 400 mm
Longitudinal feed hand and auto: 600 mm
Crossfeed by hand: 200 mm
Vertical feed by hand: 400 mm
No of Longitudinal feed: 3
Main drive electric motor: 2 HP, 1440 RPM
Coolant motor: 0.11 kW, 2700 RPM
No of spindle speed: 4
Range of spindle speed: 110 to 580 RPM
Diameter of milling arbor: 25.4 mm
Distance under over arm spindle center: 140 mm
Other Dimension:-
Floor space: 600 x 900 mm
Height of the machine: 1400 mm
Approx weight: 950 kg


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