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Universal Motor Speed Control

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Universal Motor Speed Control

Universal Motor Speed Control

Universal Motor Speed Control Apparatus is used to study the speed control of universal motor by two different methods namely speed control by using SCR and speed control by using TRIAC. The speed is varied by two variable potentiometer knobs provided on the board

The apparatus is provided with universal motor fitted on wooden board / in an acrylic box, connecting leads and user manual to perform the experiments.


  • Two Different modes for speed control

         1.  Speed Control by Using SCR

         2.  Speed Control by Using TRIAC

  • Speed can be varied by using the Potentiometer knobs provided on the board
  • One Universal motor fitted on a wooden base or fitted in an attractive acrylic box is supplied with the apparatus
  • Circuit Diagram Printed on the front panel.
  • One ON/OFF Switch with jewel light is provided on the front panel.

Accessories Provided

  • Universal Motor fitted on wooden base
  • Connecting Leads.
  • Detailed Instruction Manual.


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