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Universal Vibration Apparatus

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Universal Vibration Apparatus

Universal Vibration Apparatus

The apparatus is provided with comprehensive unit to perform the vibration experiments. A universal frame is provided upon which quick and easy assembly of various experiments can be done. The unit is self-contained to safely store spares. The students can easily assemble the experiments and study the theory of vibrations practically. 

Technical Details:

  • Exciter Unit: With FHP DC motor with speed control facility
  • RPM Measurement: Digital RPM Indicator with proximity sensor
  • Ordinary Chart Recorder: For recording frequency and amplitude of vibration
  • Stop Watch: Electronic Stop Watch
  • Instruction Manual: An English instruction manual will be provided along with the apparatus


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  • To verify the relation simple pendulum
  • To verify the relation of compound pendulum & to determine the radius of gyration
  • To study radius of gyration of bifilar suspension
  • To study the undamped free vibration of spring mass system
  • To study the longitudinal vibration of helical coiled spring
  • To study the forced vibration of simply supported beam for different damping
  • Undamped tensional vibrations of single rotor system
  • Undamped torsion vibrations of double rotor system
  • To study the damped torsional vibration of single rotor system and to determine the damping coefficient
  • Verification Of Dunker Ley's Rule
  • To study the forced damped vibration of spring mass system
  • Floor Space: 2.5 M X 2 M Approx.
  • Power Supply: 230 v AC, 5 A with earth