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Verification Of Bernoulli’s Theorem

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Verification Of Bernoulli’s Theorem

Verification Of Bernoulli’s Theorem – Engineering Equipment

  • This unit consists of a rectangular transparent flow section through which water is to be flown the velocity of water is changes as cross sectional area of channel changes.
  • The changes of head can be measured with manometric tube connected at various sockets, along with the length of channel.
  • Thus the Bernoulli’s theorem can be verified by calculating the energy & head of water at different section.


  • Steady flow arrangement.
  • Transparent flow section.
  • Independent measurement of pressure head.
  • Variable flow rate arrangement.
  •  Self sufficient unit.

Flow channel: –

Transparent acrylic.

a)Width of Channel = 0.05 m

b) Length of Chanel = 0.7 m
• Flow control valve to change graph.
• Transparent acrylic tubes and scales fixed over the flow channel to measure head- 11Nos. or 9Nos.
• Measuring tank- 295 X 345 X 345 mm
• Sump tank- 900 X 350 X 350 mm


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Bernoulli’s theorem can be verified.