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Voltmeter M.I. (Tripple Range) 150/300/600 Volt

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Voltmeter M.I. (Tripple Range) 150/300/600 Volt

Voltmeter M.I. (Tripple Range) 150/300/600 Volt

Moving Coil DC, Moving Coil rectifier type AC, Moving Iron AC ammeters & voltmeters suitable for use in schools, laboratories, workshops & for field operation. Specially designed to be operated in horizontal position (also in inclined position upto 45°) & can be carried along safely.

• Instruments with accuracy class 1.0 for DC, 1.5 for AC
• Instruments with multiple scale (refer table)
• Robust housing suitable for schools, workshops field operations, for continuous use
• Instruments with high resistance to shock & vibrations

Range: Tripple Range:- 150/300/600 Volt 



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