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Wein`s Bridge (Frequency Measurement) with Head Phane & Audio Oscillator 1 KHz

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Wein`s Bridge (Frequency Measurement) with Head Phane & Audio Oscillator 1 KHz 

This bridge has been designed to calculate the unknown value of frequency of Bridge Oscillator.

AC Source:The Bridge consist of sine wave signal of 1KHZ. Two sockets are provided for the output of AC signals.

Detector:For detecting small AC signals in the output, Null Detector is in-built with digital display 

Circuit Diagram:The circuit layout on the board is quite spread out to facilitate convenient working & clear understanding. 4mm socket are provided for making connection.

C1, C2 :Decade dial of 0.1mfd.

R3 :Ratio Dial of 1, 10, 100 & 1000

R4 :Ratio Dial of 2, 20, 200 & 2000

R1 R2 :Are mechanically coupled x10, x100, x1000 ohms.


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