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Sodium Vapour Lamp Wooden Box

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Sodium Vapour Lamp Wooden Box

Sodium Vapour Lamp Wooden Box  – Laboratory Equipment

  • The box is rectangular in shape and provided with slits on three sides equally spaced to enable three experiments to be performed simultaneously using one light source
  • Each slit is provided with a cover so that it can be closed when not required
  • Bulb holders of finest quality are fitted in wooden box with special cord Quality:
  • Reliable
  • Best quality
  • Effective service
  • Available with 35 watt bulb and transformer Transformer:
  • High grade laminations are used to avoid losses
  • The box is made from thick metallic sheet
  • An anchor make piano type switch is provided for on / off and a 1.6 m, 3 care flying lead is provided for main connection and output is via a special Anchor make 3-pin socket (3-pin socket is provided to avoid shock due to the leakage of the current) 
  • This transformer is an auto leak type, giving a starting voltage 400 V which automatically reduces when the lamp has struck.

Available in Watts :

(a) 35 watts

(b)55 watts


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