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LED TV Trainer (15″ Screen)

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LED TV Trainer (15″ Screen)

LED TV Trainer (15″ Screen)


  • The complete circuit of Remote LED T.V. is printed on single PCB.
  • Micro switch for faults creation.
  • Section wise different coloured screen printed circuit on the PCB for easy understanding of functions of different sections.
  • Explanation, Observation, Alignment and adjustment of internal and External controls is possible at a glance due to single PCB.
  • Easy identification of different parts of Remote LED TV at a glance.
  • Easy measurement of Voltages and observation of waveforms at any point. Also typical voltages and waveforms are provided.
  • The whole circuit of Remote LED TV is explained section wise in detail in the manual.


  • LED TV Parts be assembled in modular blocks on panel displaying
  • Construction of each module, screen aspect ratio 16:9 size 15 inches (Typical) contrast ratio
  • 10000:1 (Typical) composite video & component
  • Video input, confirming to Indian TV standards. Interfaceable to computer and antenna / set-top box of commercial DTH services providers, like any one out of TATASKY / DISHTV / BIGTV / AIRTEL Digital TV
  • On board ports like USB, VGA/PC Input, AV Out, Ear Phone etc.
  • Switchable faults observation for educational training,
  • Power supply 220V AC
  • ± Tolerance standard,
  • Enclosed in an attractive wooden cabinet.
  • Operation / instruction manual with suitable accessories


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