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Simple Batch Distillation

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Simple Batch Distillation

Simple Batch Distillation

Technical Description:

The equipment consists of a distillation still made of stainless steel. The feed in the still is heated externally by heater. The vapours form the top of the vessel is condensed in the type condenser by circulating cooling water. Temperature of the feed mixture is controlled by means of a digital temperature Controller. The condensate is collected in a receiver made of stainless steel.

Technical Specifications:

  • Flow measurement: Rota-meter for cold water for condenser
  • Distillation still: Made of Stainless Steel, capacity 5 ltrs. Insulated with ceramic wool And cladding with Aluminum foil.
  • Condenser: Concentric Tube type made of Stainless Steel
  • Distillate tank: Made of Stainless Steel, capacity 2 Ltrs.
  • Heater:  Ni-chrome wire heater.


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Learning Objectives/Experiments:

  •   To study the characteristics of Simple Distillation.
  •   To verify of Reyleigh’s Equation.

Required for Operation:

  •   Electricity Supply: 1 Phase, 220 V AC, 2 kW.
  •   Water Supply : Continuous @ 4 LPM at 1 Bar
  •   Floor Drain.
  •   Required Chemicals.