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Heat Engine Lab

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Heat Engine Lab

Two Stage Air Compressor Test Rig – Engineering Equipment

Heat Engine Lab unit consist of one experimental type two stage reciprocating air compressor air cooled inter cooler, suitable for a pressure of 12 kg/ Cm& having a displacement of 0.168 M/min. driven by squirrel cage induction motor of 2 H.P. Energy meter & stopwatch to determine the input to the motor. The above motor suited for 400/440 V. 3 ph. 50 cycles A. C. supply. The motor is provided with switch & starter.


Compressor: Two stage with inter cooler.
• Diameter of LP Cylinder: 55 mm
• Diameter of HP cylinder: 50 mm
• Stroke Length: 65mm
• Compressor Speed: 720 rpm
• 2HP A/C Motor
• Air intake Measurement: M/S Tank with Orifice-meter and Manometer
• Bourdon Tube Pressure gauges to measure the pressures.
• Three Phase energy meter.
• Multi-channel temperature Indicator to measure various Temperatures.
• Pressure relief valves.