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Analog Lab Trainer (With Breadboard)

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Analog Lab Trainer (With Breadboard)

Analog Lab Trainer (With Breadboard)


Trainer  comprises of Power supplies inside the trainer

  • Power supplies on boards 0-50V, 250 mA and 0-30V,250mA Variable
  • 15V/150mA and 5V/150mA Fixed Supplies provided on board.
  • 4 Nos of Variable resistor provided on the board.
  •  One 20 Pin Vero board on mounted on the board.
  • One Bread Board mounted on board.
  • Ac power supply 15-0-15V for rectifier applications

Various components on the trainer set

  • 3 Pairs of connected 2mm sockets
  • 4 Rectifier diodes
  • 1 OA79 germanium diode
  • 3 different values of Zener
  • N different values resistances
  • N  different values capacitors
  • Inductors 1mh, 10mh
  • Thyristor Bank
  • SL100 and SK100 pair
  • 1 LDR
  • 1 Thermistor
  • 2 LED’s
  • 1 Relay 12V
  • 2 Nos of Digital Voltmeter and Ammeter
  • One Speaker 8E 1/4W
  • 1 Audio Transformer


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