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Transistor Characteristic Apparatus

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Transistor Characteristic Apparatus

Transistor Characteristic Apparatus – Electronics Laboratory Instruments

  • Transistor Characteristic Apparatus with build in stabilized power supply.
  • Workable on 230 volts.
  • AC fitted with PNP transistor or AC 128 on front panel.
  • Different electrodes of transistor & power supply.
  • Output and meter connections are brought in panel with separate terminals.
  • With in four meters

Specification :

Instrument comprises of Two DC Regulated Power Supplies 0-10 V  DC/150mA 0-1 V DC/150 mA, four acrylic meters for voltage &  current measurement , one PNP & one NPN Transistor mounted on  the panel, connections of Supplies , Transistors brought out at 4 mm Sockets. NPN or NPN transistor can be selected by use of toggle switch. Special design of double tapered powder coated box make it very Elegant, attractive & it also gives proper viewing of analog meters. Set of 10 Single point interconnection leads & comprehensive User Manual is provided.


  • Rugged construction
  • Compact design
  • Easy to use
  • Highly accurate


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Objective: Input/Output Char.of Common Base PNP& NPN Transistors & Input /

                   Output Characteristics of Common Emitter PNP & NPN Transistors.