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Calibration Of Thermo-couples and Thermometer

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Calibration Of Thermo-couples and Thermometer

Calibration Of Thermo-couples and Thermometer

The set up consists of constant temperature Bath with heating element. This Heat source is controlled with the help of digital temp controlleratany preset valve. A thermo-couple pocket is provided to insert the thermo-couple in it. Three thermo-couples i.e. CR/AL, Cu-constantan ,Fe-constantan and Digital mili volt meter are also provided .All components are assembled on a base plate to forma table top set- up.


 To calibrate the given thermo-couples and to plot the calibration curve.


 Electricity Supply: 220 VAC,Single Phase,0.5 kW.

Table for set-up support.


  Heat Source     : Provide with ceramic insulation.

  Temp. Controller : Digital Temperature Controller. 0-200°C

 Thermo-couple :   

 Standard 3 types of thermo-couple

   (a)CR / Al



  An ENGLISH instruction manual consisting of experimental procedures, block diagram will be provided along with the Apparatus


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