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Wind Tunnel

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Wind Tunnel

Wind Tunnel- Engineering Equipment

  • Wind tunnel is a tool used in aerodynamic research to study the effects of air moving past solid objects.
  • A wind tunnel consists of a tubular passage with the object under test mounted in the middle.
  • Air is made to move past the object by a powerful fan system or other means.
  • The test object, often called a wind tunnel model is instrumented with suitable sensors to measure aerodynamic forces, pressure distribution, or other aerodynamic-related characteristics.


  • Type : Open type Wind Tunnel.
  • Test Section : 300mm x 300mm x 1000 mm. long with two Perspex windows.
  • Blower Fan : 10 blades /nylon fan.
  • Motor : 5 HP D.C shunt motor, 1500rpm.
  • Speed Controller : 3 phase, thyristor controller to give smooth Speed control.
  • Air Velocity : In test section – 1 to 25 m/sec.
  • Duct : Manufactured out of ms sheet.
  • Length of Tunnel : 7 meter Approx.
  • Manometer : 15 tube acrylic manometer with inclination arrangement.
  • Pitot tube


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