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CRO Demonstration 20MHz Dual Channel

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CRO Demonstration 20MHz Dual Channel

CRO Demonstration 20MHz Dual Channel

Highest Sensitivity up to 1mV/div (After Expand)Full Band Trig Auto Sweep Circuit Flex Trig Mode (Select either CH1 and CH2 Signal/External Signal)Alt-Trig View 2 in Relative Signal Ext-Trig Input Power Supply: AC 220 +/-10V

  • Bandwidth:- Dc – 20mhz (-3db), y deflection:- 5mv / div – 10v / div, rise time:- <18ns,mag _70ns :17.5ns, max input:- 400v(dcplusacp-p)
  • Sweep mode:- Auto, trig, lock, single, sweep rate:- 0.1μs/div – 0.2s/div l—2—5 20 steps, error plus or minus5%, trig source:- Y1, y2, alt, line, ext
  • Min sync. Level:- Trig 5hz – 20mhz 10hz- 20mhz,int. 1 div, ext. 0.2vp-p,tv int. 2div, ext. 0.3vp-p trig lock (20hz – 10mhz) internal 2div
  • Freq. Response:- Ac : 10hz – lmhz -3db, dc : 0 – 1mhz -3db
  • Z max. Input :- 50v (dcplusacp-p), amplitude:- 0.5vp-p plus or minus 2 percent, component test (5020c only) :- Capacitor, coil, zener, diode, min input level :- Ttl level, waveform:- Rectangle, frequency:- 1khz plus or minus 2 percent


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