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B. H Curve Apparatus

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B. H Curve Apparatus

B. H Curve Apparatus – Electronics Equipment

  • B.H curve to trace hysteresis curves on C.R.O.
  • Terminals are provide for x & y plates. 
  • B.H using  resistance , capacities & inductance step down transformer 2-12 volt AC.


Instrument comprises of the following:

  • Output selectable using band switch.
  • Circuit diagram for BH curve printed.
  • Components connected behind the front panel.
  • Input & output connections brought out at sockets.
  • One ON/OFF Switch with jewel light is provided on the front panel.
  • Made of Heavy duty metal box construction.
  • Front Panel made of high quality Bakelite sheet.
  • Strong construction
  • Easy operations
  • High strength

Accessories Supplied:

  • Required number of Patch Chords.
  • Instruction Manual.


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