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Pressure Control Unit

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Pressure Control Unit

Pressure Control Unit


Pressure control trainer is designed for understanding the basic principles of pressure control. The process set up consists of pressure vessel fitted with pneumatic control valve. Pressure transmitter is used for pressure sensing. The process parameter (Pressure) is controlled by microprocessor based digital indicating controller which manipulates pneumatic control valve fitted at outlet of pressure tank outlet through I/P converter. These units along with necessary piping are fitted on support housing designed for tabletop mounting. The controller can be connected to computer through ether net port for monitoring the process in SCADA mode.


  • ON-Off & PID operation
  • Open / closed loop tuning
  • Auto tuning
  • Stability analysis
  • MODBUS communication
  • Simulation mode


  • Product: Pressure control trainer
  • Pressure transmitter: Type Two wire, Range 0–5 bar, Output 4–20 mA, 
  • I/P converter: Input 4-20 mA, Output 3-15 psig, Make Control air
  • Control valve: Type Pneumatic, Size 1/4″, Input 3–15 psig, Air to close, Char. Linear, 
  • Process tank: Pressure vessel, MS
  • Air filter regulator: Range 0-2.5 kg/cm2, Make Airmatic
  • Pressure gauge: Range 0-2.5 kg/cm2(1No), Range 0-7 kg/cm2(1No),
  • Overall dimensions: 550 W x 475 D x 520 H mm


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Range of Experiments
  • Study of open loop (Manual control)
  • Study of on/off controller
  • Study of proportional controller
  • Study of prop. integral controller
  • Study of prop. derivative controller
  • Study of PID controller
  • Tuning of controller (Open loop method)
  • Tuning of controller (Closed loop method)
  • Tuning of controller (Using Auto Tuning )
  • Study of stability of the system (Bode plot)