Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Support Labappara Manufacturer Of Laboratory Instruments


  • Tell me about your company history ?
  • Please give me information on your Shipping mode ?
  • Which are the locations to which we supply our products ?
  • What are your payment methods ?
  • How can I contact Labappara ?
  • Do you have ISO 9001 approvals ?


Q: Tell me about your company history ?
Answer: We are India’s leading Scientific Instruments Manufacturer established in year 1985 as Jain Scientific Industry. we are manufacturing innovative and high quality educational equipment’s for scientific purposes by brand name of Labappara.
Q:Please give me information on your Shipping mode
Answer: By Air, By Cargo, By Road, By Sea.
Q:Which are the locations to which we supply our products ?
Answer: All Over India And Overseas.
Q:What are your payment modes ?
Answer: We give the following options for payment: DD, LC, Online, Pay Order, Wire Transfer, Bank Transfer, RTGS.
  Q:What is the minimum order that we can place ?
Answer: You can Contact Labappara by E-mail(, Phone(999-667-4444).
Q:Do you have ISO 9001, CE, BS or FDA approvals ?
Answer: Yes, we are An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company. Please inform to us about the product you require and we shall inform you if they are certified.