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Control Valve Characteristics

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Control Valve Characteristics

Control Valve Characteristics

The setup is designed to understand the control valve operation and its flow characteristics. It consists of pneumatic control valves of linear, equal% (& quick opening for product 318B) type, stainless steel water tank with pump for continuous water circulation and rotameter for flow measurement. An arrangement is made to measure pressure at the valve inlet in terms of mm of water air regulator and pressure gauge is provided for the control valve actuation. In case of additional optional requirement a valve positioner is fitted on linear valve. The set up is stand-alone type.


  • Closed loop water circulation
  • MS Excel sample calculation
  • Simple to operate & maintain
  • Industrial valves

Range of experiments:

  • Study of valve flow coefficient
  • Study of inherent characteristics
  • Study of installed characteristics
  • Study of hysteresis of control valve
  • Study of range ability of equal percent control valve
  • Study of valve positioner

Requirement :
Electric supply: 

  • Provide 230 /- 10 VAC, 50 Hz, single phase electric supply with proper earthing. (Neutral – Earth voltage less than 5 VAC.)
  • 5A, three pin socket with switch for pump

Water supply: 

  • Distilled water @ 16 liters

Air supply: 

  • Clean, oil and moisture free air, pressure 2 Bar
  • Air consumption 0.2 m3/hr


  •   Water Supply.
  •   Control Valve
  •   Type : Pneumatic
  •   Size : ½”.
  •   Actuator : 15 Sq. Inch.
  •   Stroke : 14 mm.
  •   Input : 3-15 PSIG.
  •   Water Tank Material : Stainless Steel, capacity 25 litres
  •   Water Circulation : FHP Pump Tullu/Champion make.
  •   Overhead Tank Material : Stainless Steel, Capacity 10 Ltrs.
  •   Flow Measurement : Rotameter.
  •   Pressure Drop measurement : Using Manometer.
  •   Pressure Regulator : 0-2 kg/cm²
  •   Pressure Gauge : Bourdon type 0-2 kg/cm²
  •   Instruction Manual : An ENGLISH instruction manual will be provided along
       with the Apparatus
  •   The whole assembly is housed in a good quality painted structure.

Control Panel:

    Standard make on/off switch, Mains Indicator


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