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Amber Colour Flask Volumetric (Measuring)

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Amber Colour Flask Volumetric (Measuring)

Amber Color Flask Volumetric (Measuring) – Laboratory Glassware Equipment

Amber Color Flask Volumetric (Measuring) with interchangeable Glass  Solid  Stopper  accuracy  as  per   “USP  (US Pharmacopoeia)” with certificate.

The flask has tight capacity tolerances and assure accurate reproducible results. We use finest quality borosilicate glass, sourced from trusted vendors to process this flask. It is used for precise dilutions and preparation of standard solutions. Available in different sizes and specifications, this flask is highly demanded in the market. 


  • Optically plane bottom
  • PTFE stopcock
  • Resistant to impact 
  • Resistant to crack
  • Flawless finish
  • Easy to clean
  • Resistant to chemicals

Cat. No.        Capacity       Tolerance

ml                      ± ml.

63UA/3                5                     0.02

63 UA/4             10                    0.02

63 UA/5             25                    0.03

63 UA/6             50                   0.05

63UA/7            100                   0.08

63 UA/8           200                  0.10

63 UA/9           250                  0.12

63 UA/10         500                  0.20

63UA/11         1000                 0.30


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