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Anderson Bridge

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Anderson Bridge

Anderson Bridge – Physics Laboratory Equipment

Aim To determine the self inductance of the coil (L) using Anderson’s bridge. To calculate the value of inductive reactance (XL) of the coil at a particular frequency.

  • Anderson Bridge for measurement of inductance in terms of capacity and resistance.
  • Ratio dials each having resistance 10, 100 , 1000 ohms.
  • Decade dials of x 10, x 100, and x 1000 ohms.
  • Decade dials of above for inductance ohms.
  • Decade dials of x.1, x 1, and x 10 ohms.
  • A buzzer is provided for the source of A.C supply.
  • Anderson Bridge with constant coils.
  • Anderson Bridge with Manganian coils.


  • Easy to use
  • Low maintenance
  • Outstanding performance
  • Compact design
  • Rust proof


Main Features of the Bridge:

  • R – 3 decade resistance dials having value from 1 ohm to 1 K ohm
  • R 3 decade resistance dials having value from 10 ohm to 10 K ohm
  • C1 – 2 fixed Standard Capacitors having values 0.1 mfd and 0.2 mfd
  • P = Q – Fixed Standard values of 1000 ohms each
  • S – Single decade resistance dial having values from 0.1 ohm to 1 ohm
  • L – Three unknown Inductances are also provided
  • Inbuilt A.C supply of frequency 1 KHz, D.C supply of 3 volts and Digital Null Detector for DC & AC balance is provided.
  • 6 interconnection Leads with 4 mm banana plugs, 3 unknown Inductances are provided on board. Comprehensive User Manual will explain required results


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