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Binocular Research Microscope

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Binocular Research Microscope

Binocular Research Microscope – Scientific Instrument

Binocular research microscope  designed, die-casted sophisticated enough to fulfill your Microscopy needs.The incomparable collection of features includes separate fine and coarse control.
A rigid and heavy stand observation Bino-Head inclined at 450 and rotable in 3600 assembled from imported prism to ensure highly accurate collimation for strain free observation.
Fixed square stage with built-in co-axial mechanical stage,graduated quadruple revolving nose piece.

Illumination Built-in-base Halogen Lamp 6 V-20 W with electrical system and regulator for Low/Medium/High. 


  • Easily adjustable lenses
  • Replaceable components
  • Easy to carry
  • Excellent performance
  • Long service life

Optical combination : 5 x, 10 x (paired) (Hug.)

Objectives 5 x, 10 x, 45 x (LS), 100 x Oil Immersion (LS) (Self Paradisaical)



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