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Centrifuge (Medico)

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Centrifuge (Medico)

Centrifuge (Medico) – Scientific Laboratory Equipment

Medico Centrifuge offered find application in flawlessly conducting routine centrifuging test. Coming with support of swing out head speed up to 3500 R.P.M and speed regulator support. These centrifuges find extensive use by medical practitioners as well as in establishments like institutions, industrial laboratories, hospitals and other places. Some of its features include coming fitted with resiliently mounted motor that allows for vibration free performance, specially wounded transformer for speed regulation, fiber reinforced plastic support for protection against corrosion and electric shocks and others.

Some other features include: 

  •  5 step speed controller
  •  Supplied with metal carriers
  •  Autoclaveable tubes with swing rotor head of 15ml
  • Specifications:
  •  Maximum Speed: 3500 RPM, Max RCF (xg) 1600
  •  Width: 330
  •  Depth: 330
  •  Height: 295
  •  To work on 220/240 volts 50 Hz A.C. Supply



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