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Crompton Potentiometer

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Crompton Potentiometer

Crompton Potentiometer – Physics Laboratory Equipment

  • Crompton direct reading type, consisting of 8 coils and a circular slid wire.
  • The scale is divided into 200 parts with potential drop of 200 milli volts.
  • Direct reading with arrangement for standardizing with a standard cell.
  • Fine & coarse rheostats are provided for adjusting the slide wire.
  • Current range .001 to 1.8 volts manganian coils without standard cell and accessories.


  • Each Slide wire division is equal to 1/2 milli volt or 500 micro volts. 
  • Coarse and fine rheostats are provided. Terminals for 2 volts battery, Galvanometer , standard cell are provided on the panel. 
  • Current is of the order of 125 m A. This potentiometer is supplied with a self standardization circuit built in, which renders standardization dependent on setting of voltage dials


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