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Desiccator Borosilicate Glass

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Desiccator Borosilicate Glass

Desiccator Borosilicate Glass – Laboratory Glassware Equipment

Borosilicate glass: Borosilicate glass has very good chemical and physical properties. It is considered the technical all-round glass for applications requiring very good chemical and thermal resistance (including resistance to thermal shock), and high mechanical stability. Typical applications are e.g., components for chemical apparatus, round-bottom flasks, and beakers.

Non Vacuum:

  • Desiccator Plain with knobbed lid Borosilicate Neutral Glass with Porcelain perforated plate.
  • Robust Desiccators base and cover in borosilicate glass.
  • Simple design for drying under atmospheric pressure.
  • Ground glass flanges.
  • Sizes: 160 mm, 210 mm, 240 mm, 300 mm diameter.


  • Desiccator Vacuum with Tubular Lid, stopcock made of Borosilicate Neutral Glass supplied with Porcelain perforated plate.
  • Designed for use under vacuum.
  • Sturdy construction in borosilicate glass.
  • Ground glass flanges.
  • Sizes – 160 mm, 210 mm, 240 mm, 300 mm diameter.
  • Desiccators are sealable enclosures containing desiccator borosilicate glass used for preserving moisture-sensitive items such as paper for another use.
  • A common use for desiccators is to protect chemicals which are hygroscopic or which react with water from humidity.


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