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Digital Flame Photometer

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Digital Flame Photometer

Digital Flame Photometer – Analytical Laboratory Equipment

  • (Na & K) Two and half digit LED display
  • (PPM) along with compressor and other accessories.
  • CA & Li Filter can be provided on request at Extra cost.
  • Filters Narrow band-pass interference filters for Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and Lithium available.
  • Detector Hermetically sealed Silicon Photo Detector Power Supply Full IC Regulated Power supply to take care of mains variation of voltages between 200 to 250 V Amplifier Highly stable, High Gain all lC amplifier Display Large, Bright Seven Segment LED Panel meter to display 0-100 scale with negative and over range indication. Sensitivity “Na” 4 ppm and “K” 2 ppm FSD Standard “Na” 2 ppm and “K” 1 ppm available at no extra cost on prior request.
  • Compressor Oil free, diaphragm type with air reservoir. 90W motor, fuse protected complete with accessories.
  •  Stable pressure for mains fluctuations between 200V to 250V. Atomiser Non-corroding, easily accessible and can be cleaned without putting out the flame.
  •   Sample Take-up-rate 5ml/min approximately Flame LPG cylinder required with regulator (To be arranged by user) Nominal Input voltage 220V, 50Hz Single Phase Flame Photometer.
  •   Compressor 28 X 23 X 20 cm 25.5 X 20 X 23 cm Dimensions 60 X 45 X 45 cm Nett Weight 6.5 Kg. 9.1 Kg Gross Weight 20 Kg.Approx


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