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Dishes Borosilicate Glass

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Dishes Borosilicate Glass

Dishes Borosilicate Glass – Laboratory Glassware Equipment

The Dish Borosilicate is a small bowl with a spout, usually made of porcelain or borosilicate glass.  it is commonly used to evaporate solvents in a sample. The ridges on the inner-side of the cap prevent the base from sticking to the cap.


  • Long lasting
  • Light in weight
  • Unbreakable in nature
  • Temperature resistance
  • Scratch resistance
  • Perfect finish

O.D. x Ht.                     Minimum

50 x 17                                 10

62 x 17                                 10

80 x 17                                 10

100 x 17                               10

150 x 20                              10

200 x 20                             10


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