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Filter Apparatus

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Filter Apparatus

Filter Apparatus – Laboratory Glassware Equipment

Filter Apparatus Complete, Filter Flask with Socket and buchner

Borosilicate glass with fritted glass filter base. 
Base design has integral vacuum connection located above filter drip to prevent contamination of vacuum line with droplets.

funnel with Sintered Disc of Porosity G-1 or G-2 or G-3 or G-4, having cone


  • Glass filtration system for use with 47 mm diameter membranes
  • Borosilicate glass sintered disc to support membrane
  • Funnel 300 ml capacity
  • Support base with sintered disc and vacuum connection
  • Fully autoclave

Cat. No.        Flask Cap.        Buchner Funnel

ml                  Cap. ml

327/1                 250                      80

327/2                 500                     200

327/3                1000                    500

327/4                2000                   1000


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