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Horse Shoe Magnet

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Horse Shoe Magnet

Horse Shoe Magnet – Physics Equipment

A horseshoe magnet is a magnet made in the shape of horseshoe. The magnet has two magnetic poles close together. This shape creates a strong magnetic field between the poles. Our firm is providing a best class Horseshoe Magnet to the prestigious customers. A Ushaped magnet derives its name from its shape and has both a north and a south pole located in the same plane at the open end of the magnet. This type of magnet is also called a horseshoe magnet. These are of steel with keepers , highly polished and  magnetized)

  • Easy to use
  • High efficiency
  • Lightweight
  • Trouble-free performance.

Available  in  size :- 25mm,50mm ,75mm , 100mm ,125mm, 150mm


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