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Kipps’ Apparatus

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Kipps’ Apparatus

Kipps’ Apparatus – Scientific Laboratory Equipment

Kipps Apparatus:- Kipp’s apparatus, also called Kipp’s generator, is an apparatus designed for preparation of small volumes of gases. It is widely used in chemical laboratories and for demonstrations in schools. Kipp’s Apparatus made of Polyethylene has three main portions. The top portion is fitted with a thistle funnel and a bulb structure through which dilute acid can be poured which reacts with a metal sulphide in the base of the apparatus. H S gas then evolved collects in the middle dome from where it can be released through a leakproof stopcock fitted with a self lubricating PTFE plug. The base is provided with a residual outlet fitted with a cap for easy cleaning. 

Material : High Density Polyethylene

Particulars                        Packing

250 ml                                   1 Pc

500 ml                                   1 Pc

1000 ml                                 1 Pc


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