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Microtip Box

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Microtip Box

Microtip Box – Scientific Laboratory Equipment

Micro Tip Box: These unique boxes are moulded in polypropylene and are therefore autoclavable. The box itself is clear providing an excellent view of the tips inside while a table like structure is provided inside to hold the tips.The tip holding spaces are uniformly placed to facilitate the use of multi channel pipettes. The cover is joined to the base through built in hinge sand provides excellent protection to the tips.


  • Flawless finish
  • Precisely designed
  • Durability
Particulars Packing
For 96 Micro Tips of 2-10 µl 6 Pcs
For 96 Micro Tips of 2-200 µl 6 Pcs
For 100 Micro Tips of 200-1000 µl 6 Pcs


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