Over Head Project,

Over Head Projector

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Over Head Projector

Over Head Projector – Scientific Laboratory Educational Equipment

An overhead projector is a variant of slide projector that is used to display images to an audience.. In which a focusing lens projects light from an illuminated slide onto a projection screen where a real image is formed.


  • Light weight and sturdy model.
  • With clear aperture 240×240.
  • Imported halogen lamp with heavy transformer.
  • Cooling fan with folding projection arm.
  • Provide with Fresnel lens & efficient light intensity switch.
  • Packed in thermocole case with card box.
  • Same as 63 Fitted with dual bulb.
  • The fused bulb can be changed instantly by shifting the level.
  • Provide with 240volt 250watts & 240volt 150watts.
  • Incorporated with low intensity 24 V/250 W bulb and built in solid state control transformer
  • The Focusing in the projector is done by smooth rack and pinion system
  • Equipped with imported Fresnel lens and automatic thermostatically controlled cooling system that helps in enhancing its efficiency

    • Size of Projection Stage: 25 x 25 cm
    • Supplied With: Roll attachment
    • Cellophane rolls – 10 meters
    • Grease pencils – six
    • Dust Cover – one
    • Cleaning cloth – one


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