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P.H Paper

P.H Paper – Laboratory Equipment

pH strips are filter paper impregnated with an indicator or a mixture of indicators. The paper is dried, cut in convenient size, and then packed into a suitable package.

These products combine ease-of-use with unsurpassed accuracy and consistency. The pH papers are for the rapid determination of pH values in many applications in laboratories and industry. Acid-alkali test papers are a general test for acid or alkaline reaction, Such as Lead acetate test papers are for detecting hydrogen sulfide.

A pH Indicator is a substance that is usually a weak acid or base that helps in identifying the pH of the solution that it is used in. When such pH Indicators are diluted with stronger solutions, the solution changes color according to the pH of the solution.

  • PH paper pieces of that change color depending on the pH – the acidity or of a liquid. PH strips are a cheap and relatively accurate way of measuring  of any liquid, in our case urine.
  • A piece of pH indicator paper is used to gauge the acidity or laboratory of a solution.
  • Different types of pH indicator paper are used depending on the type of test and level of accuracy required, such as red or blue litmus paper.


Available P.H paper

P.H papers 1 – 10 PH in plastic case.


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