Potometer Moil’s,

Potometer Moil’s

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Potometer Moil’s

Potometer Moil’s – Laboratory Equipment

Apparatus for the demonstration of transpiration and water absorption rates by a cut plant shoot under various external conditions.

This apparatus is used for laboratory and field use. This apparatus is also used to measured humidity by connecting a porous pot to the third outlet. This apparatus has only one glass component (the capillary tube) and is mounted on a strong backing plate. It consists of a capillary tube with millimeter scale connected via. 3 way tap to a syringe. The cut shoot is connected to the third outlet. 

  • Borosilicate glass for measuring absorption of water by transpiring plants.
  • The Moil’s potometer measures the water lost through transpiration of the plant and not the water taken up by the plant.
  • A potometer is a piece of apparatus used to measure the rate of water loss from a plant.


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