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Ria Vial Screw Cap

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Ria Vial Screw Cap

Ria Vial Screw Cap – Scientific Laboratory Equipment

These Polypropylene Vials are unique because the cap fitted with an O-ring can be screwed into the vial making it a leakproof vial which can be used in RIA, Coagulation & Bacteriology.

 The polypropylene tubes are clear and can withstand 3000 RCF during centrifugation while the transparent polystyrene tubes can withstand 1400 RCF. The PP tubes can accept common acids, alkalies & solvents at room temperature while the PS tubes can accept mild bases, weak acids but not organic solvents.

Particulars Packing
12 X 75 mm/ PS 500 Pcs
12 X 75 mm/ PP 500 Pcs
Cap for 12 mm RIA Tube 100 Pcs


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