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Spectrometer Prism (Crown Glass)

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Spectrometer Prism (Crown Glass)

Spectrometer Prism (Crown Glass) – Physics Optical Equipment

  • In optics, a prism is a transparent optical element with flat, polished surfaces that refracts light.  Furthermore, prisms can be used to reflect light, or to split light into components with different polarization.
  • Prism offered by our company comprises industry grade optical glass, fused silica and other material options and feature optimum dimension Tolerance of ±0.02 mm.
  • These prisms also come with angular accuracy  of ±5″ as well as surface quality of 10 to 60.
  • Some of its features include choice of different sizes, use for reflecting/splitting light into components with different polarization, choice of different coatings like high reflection coating, interference filter, polarizing coating, anti-polarizing coating, laser coating and others.


(a) 25 x 25 mm         (Refractive index)-1.51

(b) 32 x 32 mm

(c) 38 x 38 mm


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