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Centrifuge( Haematocrit ) – Scientific Laboratory Equipment

Hematocrit Centrifuge has the same great features at a fraction of the price of other micro hematocrit centrifuges. A truly affordable micro hematocrit, designed for flexibility and ease-of-use in the clinical and research laboratory. Manual timer features auto-off 15 minute control. Unit includes 24-tube capacity rotor and convenient micro hematocrit reader. Read tubes directly on the rotor without picking them up. Safe-view heavy plastic lid allows you to observe the rotor as it spins. Safety shut off switch in lid turns off units and prevents operation if lid is open. Suction cup feet prevent the centrifuge from moving on the bench top.

  • Haematocrit centrifuge machine max. speed 13000 rpm
  • Compact body which is made of plastic injection molded
  • Inner safety bowl made of stainless steel
  • Fitted with well balance universal motor having long life with imported carbons
  • Digital display shows Set Time/ Run Time/R.P.M
  • Microprocessor based Digital timer of range 0-15 min with LCD display
  • Present speed controls thru microprocessor from 2000 to 13000 rpm.

          Supply completed with following accessories:-

  • Micro Haematocrit rotor to accommodate 24 capillaries of 75mm x 1mm or 12 capillaries
  • Heparinised capillary tubes 75mm long x 1mm bore (pack of 100 Nos.)
  • Non – Heparinized capillary tubes 75mm long x 1 mm bore
  • Sealing wax- 1 tray
  • Flexible, affordable micro hematocrit
  •  Manual timer with 15-minute auto-off
  •  With Reader (mikro 12-24)
  •  Maximum speed 14600rpm/16720 RCF
  •  Continue run impulse key
  •  Power supply 230v/50/60HZ
  •  Net weight 4 kg


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