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Centrifuge(Hand 4 tubes)

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Centrifuge(Hand 4 tubes)

Centrifuge(Hand 4 tubes) – Scientific Laboratory Equipment

Hand operated centrifuge machine can be fixed on a bench with the help of a clamp. Works an a worm & spiral gear drive. Comprises of detachable cork handle & centrifuge tubes. . Finished in white/gray color with removable crank Handle. 

Clamps are provided to fix it with a table.It is attuned to give 1500 to 2500 revolutions per minute.It is widely used in labs for separating desired substances.

A single speed hand driven machine consisting of a die casted parts and a steel pinion and worm drive. Screw clamps the machine to the bench. Well Finished  with removable crank handle. Suitable for 15 ml glass tubes.


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