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Centrifuge Tubes (Round bottom)

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Centrifuge Tubes (Round bottom)

Centrifuge Tubes (Round bottom) – Scientific Laboratory Equipment

Radical Centrifuge Tubes with round bottom are molded in Polypropylene & Poly carbonate These tubes have excellent clarity and are strong enough to be used up to 50,000 x G. These tubes can be autoclaved; however, repeated autoclaving in PC tubes reduces their mechanical strength.

Avail from us, a flawless variety of Round Bottom Centrifuge Tube, which is popular for its better quality and precise engineering.


  • Centrifuge tube with white enamel graduations
  • Graduated 0 – 3 ml in 0.1 ml divisions and 3 – 10 ml in 0.5 ml divisions
  • Can be centrifuged up to 3000 RCF values

Centrifuge Tube Round Bottom 15 ml (P.P)

Centrifuge Tube Round Bottom 50 ml (P.P)


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