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Childbirth Skills Training Simulator

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Childbirth Skills Training Simulator

Childbirth Skills Training Simulator- Scientific Educational Model

Childbirth Skill model consists of pelvic cavity, fetus (with umbilical cord and placenta), With lifelike shape, cervix check and childbirth procedure can be operated. Trainees can simulate proper childbirth procedure, assist delivery, perineum protecting and epistolary.


  • Fetus model:The skin is soft and fontanel is visible. Vacuum extraction, umbilical cord ligation and placenta expulsion can be exercised.
  • Childbirth model:The model consists of transparent abdominal wall and lifelike skin. Simulate normal or difficult labors, assist delivery and perineum protecting.
  • Perineum cutting and suturing training simulator: The simulator can be used repeatedly. One set of the simulator consists of three components; separately simulate the right posterior incision, left posterior incision or median incision.


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