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Digital Clinical Flame Photometer

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Digital Clinical Flame Photometer

Digital Clinical Flame Photometer – Analytical Laboratory Equipment

Dual channel single aspiration with filter (Na & K) for medical use.

Final result in meq L 2 and half digit dual LED display for simultaneous results.

Along with compressor and accessories.

CA & LI filter can be provided on request at Extra cost.

Mode General Serum Urine
Range Na: 0.1-100 ppm
Upto 250 meq/l, 1:100 dilK: 0.1-100 ppm
Upto 250 meq/l, 1:100 dilCa: 15-100 ppm
Upto 250 meq/l, 1:100 dilLi: 0.5-100 ppm
Upto 250 meq/l, 1:100 dil
Na: 0-200
1:100 dilK: 0-10
1:100 dilCa: – Li: 0-2
1:5 dil
Na: 0-250
1:100 dilK: 0-100
1:100 dilCa: – Li: 0-10
1:2 dil
Sensitivity General Mode: Na:0.5 ppm, K:0.5 ppm, Li:0.5 ppm, Ca:15 ppm
Filters Na & K Supplied (Ca & Li are optional at extra cost)
Resolution 0.1 ppm/meq
Reproducibility + 2% FS, &± 2 Digits
Curve Fit Accuracy + 2% FS
Display 20 x 4 Alphanumeric backlit LCD display
Average Time In-built in Software
Flame System LPG & dry oil free air
Detector Silicon Photodiode
Calibration Upto 5-Point Calibration with curve fitting software
Gas Control Adjustable with knobs
Ignition System Auto Ignition
Automiser Axial flow type
RS-232C Interface Available (PC Software at extra cost)
Power 230 V + 10% AC, 50 Hz
Dimensions 365 x 245 x 220 mm (L x B x H) (Approx.)
Weight Main Unit : 7.5 Kg. (Approx.)



Air Supply By oil free mini compressor unit with pressure regulator
Combustion Gas LPG Controlled by precision regulator
Power 230 V + 10% AC, 50 Hz




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