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Direct Vision Spectroscope(Hand Spectroscope)

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Direct Vision Spectroscope(Hand Spectroscope)

Direct Vision Spectroscope (Hand Spectroscope) – Physics Equipment

A spectroscope utilizing an prism so that the observer looks in the direction of the light source. A spectroscope or spectrometer splits light into the wavelengths that make it up. Early spectroscopes used prism that split the light by refraction — bending the light waves as they passed through the glass. Spectroscope wide spectrum with 10 x 10 mm D.V prism with precision slit , fitted in brass body with telescopic focusing in velvet case. Fully drawn out length is 130 mm. 

  • Adjustable slit and draw out focusing
  • 3 element prisms
  • Wooden Case
  • It is used to observe dispersion of light.
  • Body made of brass.
  • Supplied in wooden case.
  • Length : 130 mm.



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